SAXON BROWN logo SAXON BROWN (Sonoma Valley - California)
World Class wines from cult winemaker, Jeff Gaffner. Semmillon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah, and Zinfandel. If you don't trust your own palate, ask James Laube and Robert Parker what they think of these wines!
B.R. COHN logo B.R. COHN (Sonoma Valley - California)
Premium wines made to preserve and enhance the character of each grape variety and vineyard.
WOOP WOOP logo WOOP WOOP (South Australia - Australia)
Woop Woop is a collaboration between Ben Riggs, the winemaker of Penny’s Hill, and Tony Parkinson, owner of Penny’s Hill. Woop Woop is Australian slang for the middle of nowhere in the Outback as in, “just been to Woop Woop and back.”
HANZELL logo HANZELL (Sonoma - California)
“By the early 1960s ... a revolution in winemaking was starting. Its birthplace was in Sonoma County at Hanzell.” Ambassador Zellerbach told people his goal was to make California wine as good as the best of Europe. George Taber The Judgment of Pa
BLOCK NINE logo BLOCK NINE Pinot Noir (St. Helena - California)
Our family started Block Nine in response to changes in the Pinot Noir market. Demand for moderately priced Pinot Noir has spiked over the last few years. Large, mass marketed brands brought most of the Pinot to the market leaving consumers with few choic
THE CHOOK logo THE CHOOK (South Australia - Australia)
As the bigger sibling of Woop Woop, The Chook once again represents a collaboration between Ben Riggs the wine maker at Penny’s Hill, and Tony Parkinson, proprietor of Penny’s Hill. The Chook is sourced from McLaren Vale, known for it’s consistent, Medite
ETRE WINES logo ETRE WINES (Sonoma - California)
Saxon Brown winemaker Jeff Gaffner produced and named Etre as an affectionate tribute to his girlfriend. From the renown Durell Vineyard made famous by Kistler, this Chardonnay (85%) is blended with cold, co-fermented, stainless steel, sur lie aged Mars
SALDO logo SALDO Zinfandel (Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Amador - California)
The word "saldo" has many different meanings in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. In Spanish, it mainly refers to "balance on hand", and sometimes it can mean "from here and there." This wine represents the best of the best lots made by Dave Phinney.
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